Matters NOT the size of the audience, BUT the quality of the performer.
— Kristin N. McIntyre



Kristin, an overly meticulous, serial multitasking, momprenuer is on a quest to become self-made and self-paid. Leading somewhat of a lackluster, double life, Kristin managed to climb the corporate ladder to reach her own personal entrepreneurial goals while maintaining marriage AND motherhood

Over the past five years, Kristin has built a brand that encompasses the empowerment of women through personal style. A dream she pursued after continuous encouragement from her loved ones and day ones. Kristin holds an impressive resume that documents her creative work with celebrities and influential figures, editorial features, interviews, activism and charitable contributions. 

Like most artists, Kristin utilizes multiple outlets to feed her sanity. Fashion consumes her wandering mind, but writing fulfills her heart. Living her life as a controlled extrovert, she often feels lost without written words. She quotes, “the connection feels more real when it’s documented, you can’t erase history.” By 2020-ish, Kristin’s goal is to add “author” to her list of credentials as she anticipates the release of a best-selling novel based on her self-critical, marital journey.




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